“Kaede to Suzu”: meet the 18+ anime with maids and schoolgirls that has become the public favorite

Kyockcho’s famous hentai, “Kaede to Suzu”, has been ranked as the best rated by users on the MyAnimeList portal. Why is this?

The “Kaede to Suzu” anime is going through very good days. Users of the MyAnimeList database have expressed their support for the series with good ratings and, just over a month after the announcement of the production of its episode 2, the adaptation of Kyockcho’s manga is now the highest rated hentai videos.

With an average rating of 7.88 so far, “Kaede to Suzu” has surpassed other more popular adult anime such as “Mankitsu Happening” (7.70) and “Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai” (7.55).

The hentai of the attractive sisters has fewer votes, but it is understandable as it is a much newer title. Kyockcho himself celebrated the achievement of “Kaede to Suzu” on his official Twitter account.

Unlike the rest of the anime, titles listed as uncennsored hentai tend to have fewer members (users who have added them to their lists) and the average ratings are lower. To put this in perspective, the most popular anime on MyAnimeList (not counting the Boku no Pico meme) is “Overflow,” with 115,738 members. Meanwhile, the anime with the most users overall is “Shingeki no Kyojin” with 3,440,893.

What is “Kaede to Suzu” about?

Kaede and Suzu are two equally attractive sisters, but with very different personalities. Suzu, the younger one, finds it entertaining to tease her older sister and put her in very “curious” situations. Kaede is aware of this, but can hardly ever in the face of her twin’s games.

How and where to watch “Kaede to Suzu”?

Episode 1 of “Kaede to Suzu” is available on various third-party sites since its release on March 25, 2022. The second episode is in production, but there is no confirmed release date or synopsis yet.

Unfortunately, these are all in Japanese or Chinese. It is possible to find some fan-made translations in English on other third-party websites.

“Kaede to Suzu” received an English dub.

Recently, it transcended that a group called Pianotaku Entertainment made a Latin Spanish fandub of “Kaede to Suzu” chapter 1. The video was uploaded to the group’s Youtube channel.

How many chapters does “Kaede to Suzu” have?

The manga of “Kaede to Suzu” has 6 chapters to date, and it is expected to continue due to the success of the series. On the other hand, the anime has its first episode so far, but the second one is already in production.

New official illustration of “Kaede to Suzu”.

Kyockcho shared a few days ago on his official Twitter account an art of Kaede and Suzu on the beach, which was quite well received by fans. It is possible to distinguish each twin according to the color of their eyes (Suzu is yellow and Kaede is blue) and their looks.

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